Hello Beautiful Soul!

I serve the world by sharing my gifts as an intuitive empath, speaker, and writer.

I'm also a wife, mother, sister, friend and a recovering "people-pleaser" and "approval addict." I know first-hand the grief, loneliness, frustration and exhaustion that comes from trying to be everyone and do everything to be accepted by others.

I've been there, I get it, and I TOTALLY know what you're going through.

Trust me, you're not alone! I'm also here to tell you that life doesn't have to be a struggle. It's possible to live a life you genuinely love, make a difference in this world and the lives of others and love yourself every step of the way!

Debbie O’Keefe

Speaker | Writer | Healer | Wayfinder

I guide, inspire and empower others to live meaningful and fulfilling lives by clearing the confusion and removing the restrictions of societal and cultural expectations that limit us, and help them fulfill their true purpose to lead by example as guiding lights and creators of a better world for us all.


Coming Back to Life:

What's ailing us and how we can heal?

Join Debbie O'Keefe as she vulnerably and authentically shares her life experiences and recovery from chronic illness, pain, anxiety, and depression to help others navigate through their life challenges and find peace, healing and happiness in their own lives. Over the past decade, Debbie has made it her mission and life’s work to guide and support others in recognizing the signs and signals calling them back to life.

Coming Back to Life is a heartfelt collection of personal experience, insights, and intuitive guidance that can help open the eyes, minds, and hearts of others to bring about the change we desire. Unlike some other personal development books you may have read in the past, this is a not just a self-help guide or “how-to” book on self-care. This book is an opportunity for self-reflection, newfound awareness, and decision making on a personal level and a gold engraved invite to return to your source and embody everything you were created to be and to experience in this life.

After reading this book you will be able to:

  • Recognize and identify personal triggers and vulnerabilities.

  • Make rational and informed decisions for yourself in every area of your life.

  • Have more meaningful and positive


  • Express

    yourself more openly, honestly, respectfully and compassionately.

  • Identify the way(s) in which you are in position to positively contribute to the world and the role(s) in which you can serve as leaders.

  • Recognize the habits, beliefs, ideas, choices, and behaviors that are contributing to your own pain and suffering as well as that of others.

  • Have a deeper understanding of yourself and strengthen your connection with yourself and others.

  • Make informed and empowered choices and decisions that will put you on the path to a new and more fulfilling life.

  • Create a life that you will never want to escape from and love yourself and others in the process.

This book is a gift of love from my heart to yours. It’s my deepest hope and desire that it will serve as an endless resource and will guide and support you in a way that will forever change your life and the lives of everyone around you. I am so grateful that you have invited me into your heart and your life, and it is my honor and privilege to walk alongside you. I promise, you’re not alone! You’re in good company and in great hands. Your fellow soul seekers and I will be here with you every step of the way.

Great blessings and all my love to you,

Debbie O'Keefe

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How I Can Help

Guide you through the journey and process of mapping and navigating the life path that is right and best for you, dramatically reduce stress, overwhelm, burnout, anxiousness and sadness and improve your overall wellness in every area of life.

Strengthen your connection with your intuition, turn up the volume on all of the knowledge, skills, talents, gifts, and abilities you already have within you and unlock your true power and potential to live your best life and make your mark on this world!

Reveal all of the beliefs, opinions, teachings and imprints that cause confusion and lead us to doubt ourselves and others

Remove the societal and cultural restrictions that negatively influence our perception and beliefs about ourselves, others, life and the world.

Help you recognize and release the expectations you’ve held towards yourself and others which have been the source of suffering and have negatively impacted your life and the lives of others.

Clear the lens of distortion and confusion through which you’ve been seeing yourself and strengthen your connection with your true and highest self so you can live your life to the greatest and fullest potential designed and meant specifically for you.

Uncover and resolve the root sources of  personal and professional disconnect, bridge the gap and create powerfully meaningful interpersonal relationships that nurture and strengthen both your internal and external experiences and environments.

Nurture, support, validate and guide you through your life challenges and experiences and instill you with the confidence and certainty of your strength and resilience to learn and grow from them in powerful and life-changing ways.

Encourage and empower you to stay motivated and committed to yourself and the choices, habits, and behaviors that will ensure the best life experience for yourself and others.

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