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Debbie O'Keefe

I share my gifts as an intuitive empath, speaker and writer to help heal, inspire and empower others to do less and be more so they can live the free and peaceful lives they desire most.

I Believe...

in a world where we can be so much more by doing so much less and where we are all free to make the choices that are aligned with an authentic and peaceful way of life.


I believe that everyone, without exception, has purpose and value and is worthy of love, kindness, and respect and deserves to live a peaceful and fulfilling life.


My vision is to live in a world where everyone confidently and compassionately embraces and expresses themselves and lives  in a manner which is aligned with a limitless, self-committed and fulfilling life free from pain and suffering.


I will guide, inspire and support others to make empowered choices that help them create a life they love and achieve PEACE: Personal and Emotional Acceptance through Compassionate Expression.


Experience the genuine connection and sense of belonging you've always wanted within our inspiring and supportive soul sister community.

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About Debbie

In 2015, my journey threw me into a complete tailspin and my life came to a SCREECHING HALT! I hit rock bottom! Following the birth of my second daughter, I contracted an infection which led to ongoing auto-immune issues. I was anxious, depressed, chronically ill and in pain, lacking confidence, struggling to see my own self-worth, afraid to pursue my dreams and passions, and terrified to live my life authentically in any way. I spent years going to doctors, having tests run, taking medications, trying different diets, and signing up for every program under the sun that promised me results, cures, and solutions. Each one failed to deliver and left me in more pain and with less and less hope.

Despite the fact that I was loved and supported by my incredible husband, beautiful daughters, wonderful family and friends, and had a truly great life, I felt as if I was completely alone in the world. I was stuck in the past, and was the VIP of my own private perpetual pity party. I woke each day feeling helpless, hopeless, lost, confused and scared out of my mind! I lived each day focusing on the “lack” in myself and my life, rather than appreciating all the ways in which I was blessed and abundant. I was locked in a victim mindset, convinced that terrible things were "happening to me" and that "good things only happen for other people, but would never happen for me." (Notice the repeated use of the word "I" in this story. You'll soon come to learn the importance of this as you get to know me more.)

I found myself tirelessly “swimming against the tide” trying to be someone and something I'm not and trying to force my life in the direction it wasn't meant to go. In the end, I would always end up right back where I started. The only difference was that I would find myself feeling more angry, grief stricken, exhausted and discouraged than I was before. I was anxious, depressed, and consumed with shame and self-hatred. I felt completely helpless, couldn't figure out why I didn't seem to "fit in" anywhere and wondered if my life had any purpose. It was through my own experiences on my life’s journey that I found myself broken down, lost, and in need of some serious direction to get me back on track and on the right path. I surrendered all control and asked for the solution and purpose in my life. That’s when I discovered my true calling and transformed my life forever.

At one time, I believed that my experiences with chronic illness, anxiety, and depression were the worst things imaginable. Little did I realize this challenging time was the "wake-up call" I desperately needed and would serve as the greatest gift in my life. These experiences led me on the journey to my new life path and would help me transform the lives of so many others. Over the years, I have worked extensively learning, training, practicing and growing in an effort to transform myself in ways that would enable me to become my best self, live in alignment with my highest good and the good of others, fulfill my life purpose, and truly love and be proud of myself and the life I live. I realized that the more I worked and the harder I tried, the more disconnected I felt from myself. I wondered, "Will I ever be done fixing myself?" I was on the right track, but quickly realized I "missed the target but hit the tree."

As I met and spoke with others, I realized that my needs and desires were very similar to theirs. So many would tell me about all their experiences, how they felt, what they longed for, all the things they had tried in the past and the burdens they carried. It was then that I found myself being called to not only continue my own healing journey, but to also provide others with the guidance, safety, love and support that is so clearly and strongly needed and desired. After twelve years as a special education teacher in the public school system, I made the inspired choice to begin a new chapter in my life and serve as a light worker to bring peace, hope and happiness into the hearts and lives of others. It is my deepest passion and purpose to support and uplift others and to help them create and life a free and peaceful life that is aligned with who they truly are.

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My Contacts


1 (845) 670-4584



P.O. Box 195, Maybrook, NY 12543

The information contained on this website and accompanying blog and membership area (collectively “website”), including ideas, suggestions, techniques, videos, products and other materials is educational in nature, is provided only as general information, and is not medical or psychological advice. You understand there is a distinction between “healing” as referenced on this website and the practice of medicine, psychology, or any other licensed health care practice. While Debbie O’Keefe has been trained and has experience in a variety of emotional freedom techniques, she is not a physician, psychologist, psychotherapist, or other licensed health care provider. Debbie O'Keefe does not diagnose, nor does she make any claim to "cure" or "treat" any physical or mental health conditions. None of the services provided by Debra O'Keefe of Life Path Consulting are meant to replace any conventional medical or mental health treatment or therapies including prescription medication, counseling, and other conventional therapies. Results will vary and are completely dependent upon the level of commitment and effort of the client. The services she offers are not licensed by the State of New York or elsewhere in the United States. 
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